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PC*MILER Connect seamlessly interfaces PC*MILER routes, mileage and reports with leading or custom built transportation and logistics management software systems. It provides detailed driving instructions, drive times, state-by-state mileage summaries, stop optimization functionalities and much more! PC*MILER Connect is web-enabled, allowing users to fulfill all routing and mileage needs in a thread-safe manner over an Internet, Intranet or Extranet connection.

PC*MILER Connect provides a COM Interface to enhance integration with OLE-enabled development environments such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and Active Server Pages (ASP). Also included is a Java Native Interface (JNI) layer to simplify the integration with Java-based software applications. The Interface provides the ability to generate reports in HTML format and gives you the ability to build dynamic web sites for use in any browser environment. (If you’re looking for an XML/SOAP interface, see PC*MILER Web Services)

To serve as an example of the type of information that the PC*MILER Connect Server Engine provides, users usually start their interface with a simple distance calculation, e.g. calculating the miles between Chicago, IL and New York, NY. There are several functions that calculate the distance between two places, one is PCMSCalcDistance() that returns the distance between an origin (orig) and destination (dest) by calculating the route using the default routing type.