PC Miler 24 New Features
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PC*MILER 24, the North American transportation industry's leading routing, mileage, and mapping software solution. Users now have access to a Least Cost Routing feature to generate optimal routes based on custom fuel efficiency settings, operating cost settings and other corporate priorities. Also included is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions estimator to factor in carbon footprint calculations.

PC*MILER 24, which optionally calculates precise toll cost modules, now displays entry and exit toll plaza names in route calculations to help reconcile discount program toll charges. PC*MILER can also consider rail intermodal routes for comparison of truck and intermodal mileage, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.

PC*MILER 24 also adds updated Points-of-Interest that can display small, medium, and large intermodal ramps throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as LCV/Tandem Trailer lots. The Intermodal Analysis feature within PC*MILER|Spreadsheets connects PC*MILER's highway and rail products.

PC*MILER can generate mileage and directions based on a vehicle's height, length, width, and weight. Now PC*MILER 24 enhances that functionality with a new feature called Custom Vehicle Profiles. This enables a fleet to categorize an individual vehicle's type, dimensions, and cost/time settings as a named group, so that settings will be consistent within that group and can be changed with one click going forward.

The most significant routing and map data enhancements include:

  • 332,000 new 53-Foot and National Network routing restrictions and designations.

  • The enhanced 53-Foot/Twin Trailer routing network includes non-designated road warnings and map visualization.

  • 627,000 new and updated truck restrictions and allowances for a total of 3.52 million.

  • 13,000 new urban road designations that keep commercial vehicles out of city centers and on more appropriate beltway roads.

  •  64 new U.S. ZIP Codes, including coverage of 15,300 additional cities and towns plus free quarterly U.S. ZIP Code updates.

  • Updated toll cost calculation based on 29 discount toll programs in the U.S. and Canada, including five new programs (with optional PC*MILER|Tolls).

Additionally, PC*MILER 24 contains several new features including scrolling and dragging tools on the RouteMap for easier map navigation. Users can now use the mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out, providing more city and street detail as you zoom in. Augmented import of pickup, delivery, and other locations streamlines manual trip entry. Similarly, location data can be exported as text or spreadsheet files for audit or backup.

PC*MILER runs on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms as well as IBM AS/400, iSeries and System i midrange and mainframe computers.

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