View the Comparison Report

The Comparison Report includes a summary of the total mileage, cost estimates, and time estimates for all currently open routes. It allows you to see clearly the differences between your generated routes.

1. To view the Comparison report, either click Comparison Report in the Routes tab > Utilities group or press the <F4> key. In this report it’s easy to see that the Shortest route covers fewer miles, but has a longer drive time. Scroll the report to the right to see additional cost estimates (Other cost, Labor cost, and Estimated Green House Gas emissions). You can use the check boxes in the first column, labeled “Visibility”, to control whether each route is drawn on the map.

All cost estimates are calculated using default trip costs that can be customized in the Route Options dialog. Road speeds used in time estimate calculations can also be customized in this dialog. (Time estimates may also be affected by traffic considerations if PC*MILER|Traffic is licensed.)


2. To see the Comparison report in a printable format, check Show Print Preview in the upper left corner. The tool bar above the printable version allows you to change the font size and layout, zoom in and out, and copy and print the report.


3. Click the “X” in the upper right corner of the Reports pane to close this report and continue the Tour.

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