Customize Place Names

PC*MILER allows you to customize place names to match the names of your facilities and customer locations. Let’s add a custom place to the stop list for Route 1:

1. Select the Tools tab > Custom Place Manager group > Add Places.

2. In the Add A Place dialog, type “HQ” in the Name field.

3. In the Location field, type “fort dodge, ia” then click Save and select the match at the top of the pick list. (A postal code or latitude/longitude point would also be accepted, and an address is optional and available if you have PC*MILER|Streets licensed and installed.)

4. Select the Tools tab > Custom Place Manager group > Manage. You’ll see the custom place that you added to the PC*MILER database listed in this dialog.

5. Close the Custom Place Manager window.

6. In the Route 1 window, with Stop 1 highlighted, press <F7> or click the Insert Stop Above button on the Routes toolbar. Image_028

7. Type “hq” in the City field and click Add Stop or press <Enter> . Now your custom place will appear on the list as Stop 1.

8. To calculate the new hub route, click Run.


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