Drag a Route Onto a Different Road

Another way to customize a route is by dragging it onto a new road on the PC*MILER map. We’ll try it with a segment of the Augusta to Charleston route:

1. In the Route 1 window, highlight Charleston on the stop list and press <F7>

2. Enter “new brunswick, nj” and click Add Stop, then select any postal code.

3. Press <F10>  to run the new route.

4. Double‐click on the New Brunswick stop to zoom to it on the map.


5. Select the Routes tab > Utilities group > Drag Route.

6. On the map, place your cursor on the portion of Route 1 that travels on Highway 91 south of New Brunswick, and holding the mouse button down, drag the route west onto Route 27. You’ll see Route 27 briefly highlighted in green then the route will be recalculated with a new waypoint on Route 27. (Waypoints are stops that cause a route to pass through a location that is not treated as a stop in driving directions or reports.)


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