Generate Least Cost Routing Options

PC*MILER includes a Least Cost routing feature that considers user‐specified values for miles per gallon, cost per gallon, fuel cost per mile, other costs per mile, labor cost per hour, and stop costs – and includes a parameter for a greenhouse gas emission estimate. Least Cost routing generates a series of alternative routes with distance, time and cost estimates, letting the user choose an optimal route.

We will run Least Cost routing for the duplicate route, which already has an optimized stop order:

1. With the Route 1 ‐ Copy window active, select the Routes tab > Optimize > Least Cost Routing… . Six different routes will be generated and displayed in a separate window. You’ll see the most efficient calculated totals for distance, costs, hours and tolls highlighted in yellow below the map.


2. Highlight one of the Fastest routes and click Save Selected Options to save that route in the active route window (Route 1 ‐ Copy), replacing the current route. Notice that the route is recalculated, as is the Comparison Report that is still open.

3. Close the Least Cost and Comparison Report windows to continue the Tour.

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