Route To a Truck Stop

PC*MILER gives you the ability to search for and add truck stops, highway exits and junctions, CAT weigh scales, and more as stop on a route. In the steps below, we’ll add a truck stop to the stop list for Route 1.

1. Right click the Route 1 window title bar and choose Dock.

2. Highlight Urbandale on the stop list, then either right click and choose Insert Stop Above, or press <F7>.

3. In the City field type “@t, ia” and press <Enter> to get a pick list of all truck stops whose names begin with “T” in the state of Iowa. Highlight a match and click OK. This truck stop is now the first stop on the list.


4. Highlight the inserted stop and double‐click it to zoom to this truck stop on the map.

5. To see a detailed view of the location on the map, select the Map tab > Map Style

> Satellite*. (*Requires an internet connection.)

6. Click Run to generate the new route.

7. Return the map view to the Default map style by selecting the Map tab > Map Style > Default.


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