Search A Location

For Cities and Postal Codes

The Location Radius tool can help with rate determination and pre‐operations planning. We’ll just take a quick look at it.

1. Click Manchester, IA to highlight it on the stop list for the route you just ran.

2. In the Routes tab > Route 1 group, click Location Radius to open the Location Radius dialog box. You’ll see Manchester entered in the City field. Any valid PC*MILER location can be entered for a location radius search.

3. Enter “15” as the number of miles for a Radius around Manchester, uncheck Cities and check Postal Codes instead.

4. Click Find. All postal codes within 15 miles of Manchester will be listed:


5. Now we’ll select some points on the list to plot on the map: holding the Shift key down, click the first location on the list (Manchester) then click Edgewood, IA 52042 to select it and all the postal codes in between:


6. Click Plot Points. You’ll see the points plotted on the map, represented by small red squares. At this point you could also Save the highlighted points in a text file, or click Add Stops to add them as stops in the active route window, replacing Manchester.


For Points of Interest (POIs)

In addition to the Location Radius tool, PC*MILER enables you to execute a search for POIs from a route window, either within a specified radius around a location or along a corridor on a route. Optionally, the search can target specific POI categories such as Truck Stop or Rest Area and can include a key word to look for. In the route window, use the stop type drop down and select Place of Interest, from there use the fields provided to search for POIs.

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