View and Print Driving Directions

Now let’s view the driving directions for the Augusta ‐ Charleston route by generating that report:

1. If the Routes pane is hidden at this point, select the Window tab > Routes Window to bring it into view, then click on the Route 1 window to activate it.

2. Now select the Routes tab > Route 1 group > Reports > Driver’s to generate driving directions. The Driver’s Report includes turn‐by‐turn detailed driving directions with cumulative distances and time estimates for each leg of the route.



3. In the Reports pane, check Show Print Preview. The Print Preview view will be displayed, along with a tool bar that enables printing, copying and several editing options.


4. PC*MILER also provides a Detailed Route Report that includes interchange information, plus leg and cumulative mileage and time estimates including any designated on/off duty, border wait and break times. To generate this report, select Detailed in the Reports drop‐down, or press the <F5> key.


5. To print the Driver’s Report, select the File application menu > Print Report > Driver’s.


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