PC Miler Integration Products

Connect – Integrate distances, transit times, reports and maps* with third party applications

PC*MILER|Connect seamlessly interfaces PC*MILER routes, mileage and reports with third-party and custom systems, such as transportation and logistics management software systems. Client applications are able to retrieve PC*MILER distances, detailed driving directions, drive times, state-by-state mileage summaries, stop optimization functionalities and more. Read More


PC*MILER|Spreadsheets gives you the ability to access PC*MILER features and functionality from within your own spreadsheet software. Generate point-to-point or street-level mileage and drive times within a spreadsheet program, and then use built-in functions to summarize and analyze your data. Read More


Integrate geographic data on maps with third-party applications. Form commands in spreadsheets, databases and custom systems to obtain a visual overview of your data on the map.  Read More

BatchPro – Process large volumes of origin/destination pairs simultaneously

BatchPro is a batch-processing tool for PC*Miler that permits the simultaneous processing of large volumes of lanes (set as origin/destination pairs) entered as city/state combinations, ZIP or Postal Codes, or latitude/longitude coordinates rather than entering routes individually. It gives you the ability to generate routes, mileage, as well as cost and time information per route.  Read More

Multi Version Switch

Multi-Version Switch is a high-end function of PC*MILER|Connect that serves as an integration tool designed to simultaneously support multiple versions of PC*MILER that are installed on one server or on several different servers. Instead of manually querying data from each individual version, the Multi-Version Switch functions as the main connection point to programmatically gain access to the PC*MILER version of choice.  Read More


PC*MILER|TCP/IP is an integration tool that provides an interface to PC*MILER|Connect running in a Windows environment to an application residing on another platform. Through a TCP/IP network, client applications can access a text-based interface to call PC*MILER|Connect’s features and functionality. The interface opens cross platform communications in a thread-safe manner, giving you the flexibility to transmit the output of PC*MILER|Connect to multiple networks within your organization.  Read More