PC Miler Connect – Integrate distances, transit times, reports and maps* with third party applications

PC*MILER|Connect seamlessly interfaces PC*MILER routes, mileage and reports with third-party and custom systems, such as transportation and logistics management software systems. Client applications are able to retrieve PC*MILER distances, detailed driving directions, drive times, state-by-state mileage summaries, stop optimization functionalities and more.

  • Seamlessly integrate PC*MILER into your production environment
  • Interact with the PC*MILER database through thread-safe Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and access the features of choice
  • Enhance COM Interface integration with OLE-enabled development environments such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Utilize a Java Native Interface (JNI) layer to simplify the integration with Java-based software applications
  • Generate reports in HTML format, giving you the ability to build dynamic websites for use in any browser environment


  • Calculate more accurate transit times based on industry-leading historical traffic data*
  • Define a departure or arrival date and time for more realistic transit times
  • Calculate truck-specific toll costs* based on the time of day
  • Generate routes and toll costs* for light vehicles and automobiles
  • Geocode and route to Mexican Postal Codes
  • Map tools to create geofences and to avoid or warn when a route crosses a geofence
  • On-premise installation
  • Ensure thread-safety for developing multi-threaded applications
  • Compatible with OLE-enabled, HTML and Java environments
  • Retrieve PC*MILER distances, driving times, state-by-state mileage breakdowns, and detailed driving directions

*Additional licenses may apply