Multi Version Switch – MVS

Multi-Version Switch (MVS) is a high-end function of PC MILER Connect that serves as an integration tool designed to simultaneously support multiple versions of PC*MILER that are installed on one server or on several different servers. Instead of manually querying data from each individual version, the Multi-Version Switch functions as the main connection point to programmatically gain access to the PC*MILER version of choice.

  • Interact with the PC*MILER database through thread-safe APIs and access the features and functionality of choice
  • Ability to use latitude/longitude points combined with street addresses for more precise geocoding and directions
  • Utilize a Java Native Interface (JNI) layer to simplify the integration with Java-based software applications
  • Sample code and documentation provided
  • On-premise installation
  • Easily generate roads speeds with two new APIs


  • Simultaneously support multiple versions of PC*MILER|Connect on a single server or desktop computer
  • Reduce hardware expenses by decreasing the number of network servers that need to be supported along with their maintenance costs and setup fees
  • Cut labor costs by eliminating manual route entry processes
  • Enhance your competitive advantage by providing customers with contracts that can be made and kept using their PC*MILER version of choice

*A base license to PC Miler is required for all value-add on’s.