pcm 29 thumbPC*Miler

Accuracy, reliability, and stability have positioned PC*MILER as the technology used by 98% of the top motor carriers and 92% of the top freight transportation firms in North America. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also rely on PC*MILER as their worldwide distance standard.

pcmiller streets thumbStreets

PC*MILER|Streets is street-level routing, mileage and mapping software designed to provide dock-to-dock driving directions over truck-specific routes. It includes all the features and functionality of PC*MILER with an enhanced U.S. and Canadian* street-level routing network, map database, and street address database.

* Note that with the purchase of PC*MILER|Streets, street-level detail in the U.S. comes standard and a separate purchase of the Canadian Street-Level Add-On is necessary to access related data in Canada.

pcmiler tolls - thumbTolls

PC*MILER|Tolls calculates truck-specific toll costs based on a vehicle’s weight, axle count, trailer count, transaction type (cash or discount program), and time of day travel in the U.S. and Canada. It is driven by the same technology and map dataset as ALK’s industry-standard PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software.

HazMat ThumbHazMat

PC*MILER|HazMat generates point to point and street-level routes, mileage and driving directions for hauling hazardous materials and dangerous goods in the U.S. and Canada. Federal government mandates state that shippers and carriers are to implement security plans regarding the transport of hazardous materials.

pcmiler energy thumbEnergy

PC*MILER|Energy is a unique solution that provides industry-critical routing and mileage data you need to make accurate planning and billing decisions when operating in the patch. Featuring the most comprehensive map* of oil and gas lease roads available in North American today, PC*MILER|Energy has you covered once you leave the highway.

traffic thumbTraffic

Real-time and predictive traffic speed features and data. Make better pricing decisions, improve Hours of Service compliance and generate more accurate transit times and ETAs.

pcmiler worldwide thumbWorldWide

Generate truck-specific routes, distances, maps and driving directions over the entire international road network. Provides global data across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Oceania.

pcmiler rail thumbRail

PC*MILER|Rail is the rail and logistics industry’s leading routing, mileage and mapping software. Widely used in fuel surcharge calculation, equipment management, rail car mileage auditing, carrier selection, rate determination and negotiation, and ad valorem tax reporting, PC*MILER|Rail determines actual operating or fuel surcharge routes and mileage using station/state abbreviations or railroad industry codes.