PC*Miler Tolls

Calculate the true cost of a lane with toll fees incorporated into the overall route cost

PCMiler TollsPC*MILER|Tolls generates up-to-date, truck-specific toll costs for toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and border crossings for U.S. and Canadian toll authorities.

PC*MILER|Tolls calculates truck-specific toll costs based on a vehicle’s weight, axle count, trailer count, transaction type (cash or discount program), and time of day travel in the U.S. and Canada. It is driven by the same technology and map dataset as ALK’s industry-standard PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software. When generating routes, truck-specific toll costs are added into a route’s overall calculation. Determine whether it’s more cost-effective to take a toll route, or a non-toll route with a few additional miles, before routing a vehicle.

If ALK’s PC*MILER|Tolls add-on module was purchased with PC*MILER, you can generate accurate, up-to-date toll costs for U.S. and Canadian lanes with these costs integrated directly into the routing database and reported turn-by-turn per trip. Columns for toll costs appear in the Detailed Route Report, State/Country Summary Report, and Comparison Report, and tolls can be reported in the currency of choice – either U.S. or Canadian dollars – using the current conversion rate.

Accurate toll cost calculations can optimize productivity in multiple departments of your organization by assisting in the routing, rating, and reconciliation processes. Now you can determine whether it’s more cost-effective to take a toll route, or a non-toll route with a few additional miles, before routing a vehicle.

The data that PC*MILER|Tolls provides includes:

  • Both cash and discount toll program transactions.
  • Range (ticket) and barrier (coin drop) data in addition to two-way tolls, oneway tolls, and tolls that vary by direction.
  • Quarterly toll data updates to ensure accuracy when calculating toll costs throughout the year. (PC*MILER|Tolls users receive notification by email when quarterly updates are available, or may use Check for Updates in the Help tab to ensure they have the most current data.)
  • Time-of-day variations factored into truck-specific toll rates when and where they occur, including peak and non-peak tolls, if time-based routing is active in the route window. (See Chapter 5 for a detailed description of how to use time-based routing.)
  • Toll rates for smaller 2-axle vehicles when automobile routing is generated.Future expected changes to toll rates included as available.
  • Thirty-five (35) toll discount programs throughout the U.S. and Canada (states in which each program apply are listed below).