PC Miler Energy – Precise Mileage & Routing in the Oil Patch

PC*Miler EnergyKnow the precise mileage from well to well. Then bill accordingly.
Know the exact time to reach the well head. Then dispatch your fleet accordingly.

PC*MILER|Energy is a unique solution that provides industry-critical routing and mileage data you need to make accurate planning and billing decisions when operating in the patch. Featuring the most comprehensive map* of oil and gas lease roads available in North America today, PC*MILER|Energy has you covered once you leave the highway.

*Oil and gas field mapping powered by GEOTrac Systems Inc.


  • Generate precise mileage and distance using actual oil and gas lease roads for accurate billing
  • Calculate accurate travel times to and from wells, from well to well, or from public to private oil and gas lease roads for enhanced dispatch planning
  • Plan routes using realistic road speeds on rural roads within the patch
  • Avoid the expensive cost associated with a missed time window


  • Plot the lat/long of a well head and route directly to it
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions from the public road network directly onto oil and gas lease roads
  • Ability to import custom lat/longs for precise well head routing
  • Detailed satellite view of well heads and off-road oil and gas lease roads
  • Multi-stop route optimization for improved fleet efficiency and productivity
  • Access Energy Land Survey addresses within PC*MILER|Energy
  • Estimate more accurate travel times by setting a global road speed for Energy roads

*A base license to PC*MILER is required for all value-add on’s.

Data Features

  • PC*MILER|Energy map data combines Oil and Gas lease roads with PC*MILER’s public roads into one routable network
  • Search for Land Survey Addresses in POIs
  • Set your own global road speed for calculating more accurate travel times.
  • Oil and Gas Lease Road network includes:
    • proprietary map database of street-level oil and gas lease roads seamlessly integrated into PC*MILER’s public road network
    • coverage in areas where oil and gas wells are developed and known basins are found across the U.S. and Canada (contact us for current coverage information)
  • Public Road Network includes comprehensive nationwide coverage
  • Public Road network also includes truck restrictions and allowances: bridge heights and clearances, load limits, weight limits and allowances, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions, truck through route designations, and urban road classifications – as well as truck-restricted, truck-designated, and truck-prohibited roads
  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian street-level routing* and map database
  • Truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada; includes toll data updates
  • Hazardous Materials Routing* and map database in the U.S. and Canada
  • 53-foot and twin trailer designations
  • State oversized and STAA route designations
  • U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian Postal Codes*, Mexican Postal Codes, and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)*

*Additional licenses may apply.