PC*Miler HazMat

pcmiler hazmat bostonPC*MILER|HazMat generates point to point and street-level routes, mileage and driving directions for hauling hazardous materials and dangerous goods in the U.S. and Canada. Federal government mandates state that shippers and carriers are to implement security plans regarding the transport of hazardous materials. A major step in that process is providing drivers with routes and mileage that ensure compliance with these federal, state/province and local restrictions and route designations. To ensure fleet and driver safety, PC*MILER|HazMat identifies where drivers should legally be traveling for the particular type of hazardous commodity they are hauling.


  • Ensure driver compliance with DOT, nationwide hazmat, and nationwide dangerous goods regulations
  • Compare rating mileage and hazmat mileage to create compensating rate factors in support of short-term and long-term rate negotiations
  • Enhance dispatch/routing with hazmat-specific driving directions
  • Ensure accurate driver pay and payroll auditing by providing hazmat-specific mileage calculations
  • Calculate more realistic transit times by defining a departure or arrival date and time, setting stop costs and driver break options, setting border crossing wait times, and opt to factor in real-time or historical traffic* trends per route


  • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods route restrictions and allowances in the U.S. and Canada
  • Over 30 hazmat-specific road classes and routing categories modeled, for example: Alternate, Preferred, Designated, and Prohibited
  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian street-level routing* and map database
  • Truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada; includes toll data updates
  • U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian Postal Codes*, Mexican Postal Codes, and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)* Truck-specific Points of Interest (POIs) on the map including: truck stops, GeoFUEL truck stops, truck service stations, state weigh stations, CAT Weigh Scales, fueling locations, DEF fueling locations, LCV/tandem trailer lots, intermodal ramps, and rest areas (other POI categories also available)

General Features

  • Visualize real-time and historical traffic* trends directly on the map
  • Calculate more accurate transit times based on industry-leading historical traffic data*
  • Define a departure or arrival date and time for more realistic transit times
  • Calculate truck-specific toll costs* based on the time of day
  • Generate routes and toll costs* for light vehicles and automobiles
  • Map tooltip feature displays a route’s distance calculation along a route line
  • Map tools to create geofences and to avoid or warn when a route crosses a geofence
  • Generate routes based on 6 hazmat-specific routing types: Corrosive, Explosives, Flammable, Other, Inhalants, and Radioactives
  • Visual map representation of hazmat-specific prohibited and designated roadways
  • Override hazmat or dangerous restrictions in the database to reflect individual hazmat-specific permit information
  • Generate hazmat-specific driving directions that include warnings and/or restriction messages in the turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Generate routes based on Practical or Shortest routing parameters then further classify a route with Toll Discouraged, National Network, or 53’/102″ Trailer or Twins routing options
  • Least Cost routing option generates a series of optimal routes based on custom fuel efficiency, time, and operating cost settings – also calculates estimated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Hazardous materials routing database updated with designations and restrictions published by the National Hazardous Material Route Registry (NHMRR)

*Applicable licenses required.