PC Miler Traffic

Generate accurate transit times and ETAs using current & predictive traffic data

PC Miler Traffic Add-on

Make better pricing decisions, improve Hours of Service compliance and generate more accurate transit times and ETAs.


  • Visualize current traffic data directly on the map
  • Select a day of the week & time of day for predictive traffic conditions
  • Improve Hours of Service compliance with precise drive times based on actual road speeds
  • Generate more accurate transit times and ETAs with real-time or predictive traffic speeds incorporated into the route
  • Designed to help control costs and operate more efficiently
  • Monitor traffic congestion in real-time to avoid traffic incidents

General Features

  • Powered by INRIX® traffic speed data
  • Generate routes based on Practical or Shortest routing parameters then further classify a route with Toll Discouraged National Network, 53’/102″ Trailer or Twins, or Hazardous Materials* routing options
  • Least Cost routing option generates a series of optimal routes based on custom fuel efficiency, time and operating cost settings – also calculates estimated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Generate optimal routes for light and heavy vehicles by entering a vehicles height, length, width, and weight
  • Manually override truck restricted roads for flatbed or light delivery vehicles
  • Customize routes by avoiding or favoring road segments, entire roads or an entire jurisdiction

*Applicable licenses required.