PC*Miler Weather

Get proactive alerts when your route plans are scheduled to travel through impactful weather conditions

pc miler weather

PC*MILER|Weather users can visualize predicted weather patterns across the U.S. and Canada by use of a radar, precipitation and general alert layers. A weather alert displays when a projected route goes through a weather zone, providing the dispatcher the critical insight to potentially alter the route


  • Improve overall efficiency and gain clear visibility into when a shipment will arrive
  • Keep drivers safe and off of roads affected by inclement weather
  • Save money by routing around a potential weather incident, avoiding time spent off the road, helping to maximize all miles driven

General Features

  • Quickly identify weather conditions on the map with optional radar, cloud, and alert overlays
  • Receive an alert in the route plan if a route is scheduled to pass through a predicted weather alert zone
  • Alert reports detail the route leg, alert type, effective time, expiration time, and the certainty, severity, and urgency ratings
  • View a comprehensive report that details the alert, effective and expiration times, certainty, severity, and urgency rating for the planned route
  • Make critical decisions about routing drivers around hazardous areas
  • Notify drivers and customers of potential delivery delays
  • Weather data provided by Environment Canada (EC), U.S. National Weather Services (NWS) with data from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and AerisWeather